June 09, 2007

My brother graduated from college this past weekend. We are so proud of him! What a good boy!

These porto-potties were stationed where the grads lined up, but it looked like everyone was waiting in line for them.

Halfway through graduation the sky decided to rain, but not for long.

Some photos from the rest of my trip up for this summer.

Mt. Rainier I think. Duhr.

Columbia Basin.

Pasco, WA has an R2 mailbox. Wow. It's outside the Yolk's grocery store.

The neighbor's horses had some babies when I was gone. One is a colt and the other is a foal.

There is alot of sagebrush in eastern Washington.



Potato cellar.

This strange mural has been in the SeaTac airport since I was much younger. It confuzzles me. It's in the D gate area. The Portland airport has a huge hallway reserved for local highschoolers' art. They change that out all the time, I don't have photos of those. I think that is near the A gates for anyone with lots of time there.

Back to the stinky apartment.

The End.