Trip to Cabo.................whoo!!!

Kitty in the bath tub (pre-San Lucas).

Casa del Mar

Kendra and I getting dessert. Me going on two hours of sleep. Woo hoo.

A vacation is no vacation without crabs.

This is where the crabs live.

Dad is in Mexico less than 48 hours, and the policia is already after him.

We had to drive to this jail to get a receipt for a "traffic violation". Apparantly, we'd run a stop sign. When people are carrying oozi's, asking questions is a little scary.

Noah's Ark gone wrong.

Poor Zebra...

Cool Day of the Dead ladies.


Size of my fist.

Horsies on the beach.



My bro and Dad making roasted marshmellows.


Ugliest statue ever!

Adam does not likey the fish.

Family photo with Adam's G-friend.

Girlie photo