Piratey Comic Con 2006

These be me comic con mateys. ARrrrrrrr!!!! There were a gazillion pirates at the con. My friends got alot of good pictures, but I don't have any of those yet. Seems like alot of girls are going to have their avatar be photos of themselves with Captain Jack Sparrow.

Miss Mindy and her sister CJ's booth. It was very busy, but if you could get in, you could see all their beautiful paintings and wood art.

The amazing Wendy Froud. They are a bit creepy, but pretty at the same time. She was very nice!

The booty from con. There were some other books I wanted, but spent my budget. Luckily, everybody has a website, so stuff that I could get elsewhere I held off on. I've got too many books anyway.

Lucky Beezl cel I found for cheeep. It came with the clean up too.

Thought this ice skater with a cracked head was interesting.

These were guys dressed like the Hulk, a Storm Trooper, and Wolverine. I was too nervous to get close.

Just wrong. On so many levels.

Titans Tokyo screening. I took alot of photos. With other peoples' cameras. DOH!

Ireneo the story board arteest burping Silkie. Silkie was made by a fan. I don't know her name, so email me if anyone knows. The handy work on it was very good! And you could stick your hand in his mouth!

This is Norm chewing gum with Silkie. He was one of the amazing prop designers on the show.

She was at the front of a ship. Her shield with the sea horses is neato.

Close ups of some of the sculptures along the San Diego bay.

These guys were not a part of the con. They were performers at the pier. Robot man is friends with Pirate man. They were handing out gold dubloons to all the childrens.

A famous old ship. The Star of India. I guess they show late night movies on the ship. It is now a new goal in life that I must do!

I got home and Skippy was playing "Princess and the Pea". He is the Pea. Pee pee pee pee....