Spawning of the Nerds 2007

The Circle Square Triangle gang must have beat us to the trolley station. Too bad they didn't have time to add the primary colors to it.

Aquaman and some bobby sock zombies.

A black mage with her mom.

Got there Friday afternoon, and these guys were already sold out. >:E

So were these....

blahp. They'll probably all be half off at Tower Records in six months anyway. If Tower is even still around.

There were alot of peeeeple there, like always. It was packed Sunday too...

...but I still found Waldo. L O L.

"I shall call him, Mini-Godzilla."

YAY!! Parappa!!

The trolley station at the convention center.

On the trolley.

Wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwooooowoowooo.... was late + camera fun.

Roger in the speed zone.

Andre 3000 and Nate Funaro's head. Yup. Sorry Nate.

I went to the masquarade for the first time. This was pretty cool. The dalek had a person inside it and wheels so it could move around.

These interesting little Haminals were created by an old college classmate, Crystal Chesney-Thompson.

It is Dink! Miss Mindy created her. Her sister CJ's toy is to the left.

Here is their pretty booth.

Here is Mindy with pretty hair ornaments.

The Transformers panel. I accidently cut Eric the toy designer out. Sari.

Ben needs no table for signing! Tables are for wusses.

Joy being nice to children.

Nate taking photos of nerd larvae.

There was actually cellphone service on the floor this year. It made it much easier to find all the nerds

These nerds would not be together without the cellphone.

This was sold out too. >:( Wouldn't a super hero pony at least be a pegasus or a unicorn? What do I know.

These snails are so odd, but loveable.

Valerie got married at the con. This is her new husband. Poor Roger.

That's all for now, but until next year "ALL HAIL ZOD!!"