Pre-Holiday Insanity

-or creatures that live at the North Pole.

This is what elves eat at the North Pole. The carbs really help them lift heavy presents.


Scary Ipod Nutcrackerz!

Oh no! Valerie is one of them!

Friday was my last day at work. Until they decide to make more cartoons. This is my happy place when I am there.

It is clutter-ific.

This wall is composed of awesomeness gleamed from the internutz.

"Aim for the top!"

I got to work on a Christmas Special!

There is another special airing the day after Xmas that involves a big red guy, I got to draw a couple of things for that.

I also got to draw cartoons coming out of some kid's face. I had the chance to draw alot of fun things this year.

Hooray for animation! I try learn me draw better next year.

Now it is time for hibernation.