Christmas Time 2008. Some photos taken with horrible cell phone.

I don't understand this, but it is bizarre and made me laugh. Didn't make me buy any underwear at this store though. Marketing=FAIL.

Here is a flyer I saw in my neighborhood before going home. I did not see the vulture. If you did, you may want to call this person.

Disneyland is pretty during the winter. The churros are pretty tastey too.

A good friend made Skippy this pillow. It is full of happy kitty plants.

He was sad when I was packing. Or tired. Probably just sleepy. He likes putting his head on pillows, so he's probably happy to have a kitty sized one.

This is the view outside of my brother's apartment. I couldn't fly to Washington State until Christmas day because the weather was so crazy up there.

Our parents drove six hours through the pass so we could all have Christmas together. I think the playground looks really cute with all the snow. There were alot of crazy people out jogging in it. Crazy.

At night, there were lights on all the trees and at the dock. This photo doesn't come close to how beautiful it was.

Miranda, my cousin Gemma's chinchilla. I gave her a dried cranberry. She then gave herself a spinning dirt bath in a jar!

A funny illustration hanging in my Aunt and Uncle's kitchen. It is apparantly a Tacoma landmark.

Driving back to the east side after Christmas, through the Snoqualmie pass. Ha ha, my Dad's forehead!

12 degrees of freezing happiness!

This poor horse was at the Dairy Queen in Ellensbug, I think.

Ginger in the snow. Insert stupid "Family Circus" joke here.

He is sad because he has snow in his eye.

Do you see the secret Christmas puppy?

Disney welcomes you back to Burbank. Can you see the secret spy camera in the banner?

2008, the end.